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Ryan R. Campbell is an International Book Awards finalist, the founder of the Writescast Network, and the co-founder of Kill Your Darlings Candle Company.

Posted on April 29, 2017

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Thanks for visiting the new rrcampbellwrites.com!

Whether a veteran of the former site or a total newcomer to r. r. campbell writes, I thought it’d be prudent to give a breakdown of what’s new, what’s changed, and what’s still to come.

What’s New

As part of this exciting transition, I’m excited to announce that I’ll now be offering manuscript editing services. Since 2012, I’ve been working as a beta reader and critique partner for writers across a number of genres, and I’m now extending that service to writers like you who are ready to take their work to the next level.

If you’re looking for a sharp-eyed editor who puts a focus on strong prose and character-driven action—at economical rates—then consider any one of my three editing packages.

Still not sure whether the time is right or if I’m the editor for you? Feel free to peruse the ever-growing Outline With Me and Write With Me series to get a feel for my editorial style, or read what others have to say about the editing work I’ve done for them.

If you have any questions you’d like to pose to me directly, you can always reach out through the contact page.

What’s Changed

Have you heard rumors about upcoming changes to the r. r. campbell writescast? Wondering what happened to the Edit With Me series? Looking for content from the old site that you just can’t seem to find around here?

Worry not; I’ve got answers for you.

The r. r. campbell writescast

Here’s one rumor about the podcast I can confirm: starting in June, I’ll be releasing twice as many episodes per month, which means twice as many guests, twice as many topics, and twice as many opportunities to learn from industry professionals and other writers like you.

Upcoming focus points for the show include how to handle rejection as a writer, non-traditional publishing approaches, the importance of perseverance, and keeping the “science” in science fiction.

Is there a topic you’d like to see covered on future episodes? Think you or someone you know would make for a great guest? Get in touch through my contact page and let me know. There are still a few interview slots available for this year!

The Write With Me and Outline With Me Series

With at least one new post per week in these ever-growing series, there’ll always be new content to explore, all of which is aimed at helping you discover the strategies that might work best for you while planning or writing a novel of your own.

Readers of the old rrcampbellwrites.com may notice some format and title changes to old posts. What was once the Write With Me series has been repurposed as the Outline With Me series, and the former Edit With Me series has been transformed into the new Write With Me posts.

If you ever have questions on previous posts or suggestions for new ones, you can always get in touch through Twitter or via the contact page.

Archived Posts

Looking for that old post on Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, or perhaps the one on how an outline’s not a contract? They may not be on the new site now, but never fear: they’ll be rolled out one by one after a visit to their local word-salon for a fresh makeover.

What’s Still to Come

Since no one set of “rules” can provide all the answers for all writers, I’m also thrilled to announce a forthcoming series of point-counterpoint posts. In them, we’ll take a look at some of the ways in which the use of adverbs or passive voice can actually—and I can’t believe I’m about to write this—strengthen our writing (gasp!).

I’m also looking to assemble a series of guest posts on the indie publishing process and other topics as the demand arises.

If you’re someone with a background in indie publishing who’d like to share some of your advice with the world, let’s talk about the possibility of a guest post here on rrcampbellwrites.com. You can reach me through my contact page or on Twitter.

Again, thanks for visiting the new rrcampbellwrites.com. As always, write on and write well.


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