Writescast Raconteurs: Week Two Recap

Written by Ryan R. Campbell

Ryan R. Campbell is an International Book Awards finalist, the founder of the Writescast Network, and the co-founder of Kill Your Darlings Candle Company.

Posted on September 19, 2017

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This is part three of the misadventures of the Writescast Raconteurs. For more on what this is and why it’s happening, feel free to check out the Writescast Raconteurs home page.


week two scoreboard

Hey, we scored a respectable amount of points this week. If it weren’t for severe under-performances by a number of players (and some extreme over-performances for my opponent), things might have turned out differently this week. Let’s explore this in more detail below.


Like I said, under-performances really doomed us this week. Isaiah Crowell, Amari Cooper, and Russell Wilson especially let us down. Cooper didn’t exactly drop the literal ball(s) or anything, but his quarterback just really wanted a receiver not named Amari to have a great day, so Amari naturally saw fewer passes sent his way. Not a lot you can do there.

For Crowell—I don’t know. Didn’t watch much of that game (why watch the Browns, anyway?). He’s projected to have a good week again next week, though, so we’ll see how that shapes up.

Wilson is in trouble, I think. His offensive line is the epitome of garbage. If he couldn’t make it happen against the 49ers, I may need to start addressing my QB situation in a right hurry.

Injuries are also a bit of a concern going forward—Randall Cobb, my shining golden boy of the receiving corps, is now day-to-day after undergoing an MRI on Monday. We’ll see how things turn out for him. With Jordy Nelson possibly missing time in GB, Cobb could be a big beneficiary of that absence (not that I want either guy to be missing from the line-up given my Packers fandom).

I didn’t start him this week, but Corey Coleman also broke his hand this week, so there’s another one biting the dust. I’ll have to see what can be done about finding him a replacement and rounding out my inexplicably thin backfield by checking the waiver wire this week.


C.J. Anderson. Look at that man, scoring almost 29 points to keep me alive in this game. It looks like I’ll be relying on him to put the team on his back the rest of the year. Fingers crossed his performance this week wasn’t just a one-off.

Also, OBJ is back. Gods be good. He didn’t see a ton of action during MNF, but I’m hopeful that he’ll continue to trend upward. We’re really gonna need him going forward.

Someday I hope the highlights section is longer than the lowlights, but I’m not especially hopeful right now. Here’s to hoping we can make good use of the waiver wire and that our fortune turns around in upcoming weeks.



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