Writescast Raconteurs: Bittersweet Victory

Written by Ryan R. Campbell

Ryan R. Campbell is an International Book Awards finalist, the founder of the Writescast Network, and the co-founder of Kill Your Darlings Candle Company.

Posted on October 3, 2017

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This is part five of the misadventures of the Writescast Raconteurs. For more on what this is and why it’s happening, feel free to check out the Writescast Raconteurs home page.


week 4 raconteurs score

Beautiful. Just Beautiful. Kind of.

It’s a win (finally!). Not only did we finally come away with a victory, but I also managed to maximize our points by playing to highest-scoring player available at every position from my roster (with one minor exception, but let’s ignore that for now).

So yay! Things are looking up, right?


Despite drafting six running backs in the draft, I’m now down to three usable backs. Chris Carson, my big waiver wire pickup from a couple of weeks ago, suffered a broken ankle in this week’s game, which will leave him sidelined until December 3rd at the earliest.

So yeah… I’m left with the incredibly underwhelming Isaiah Crowell or the not-so-high-scoring Shane Vereen to fill that role.

Let’s hope the waiver wire is good to me this week, though it probably won’t be since I am literally last for waiver priority after my moves in recent weeks.

Without additional help at running back, the outlook will remain grim going forward. No matter how well everyone else performs, I doubt I’ll be able to scrape by with an RB2 scoring around six points per game (if I’m even that lucky).


I’m not ready to phone in the season yet, but… well, if I can’t string a couple of Ws together here, this season may be over before we’re even a third of the way through.


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