This Fall: UW Course with R.R. Campbell

Written by Ryan R. Campbell

Ryan R. Campbell is an International Book Awards finalist, the founder of the Writescast Network, and the co-founder of Kill Your Darlings Candle Company.

Posted on July 9, 2019

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I’m honored to formally announce I’ll be teaching a class this fall through the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Division of Continuing Studies in Writing Department.

I’ve been an attendee of the department’s conferences and seminars since graduating from the university in 2012, and to now be in a position to empower other writers in the same way my own instructors have empowered me over the years is truly a thrill.

So what will we be covering in this course, and how can you enroll? Great questions! Read on to find out.

write your novel now

Write Your Novel Now – Plotting Your Way to Success

“How’s that novel coming?” A tough question, but never fear! After attending this course, writers will have strengthened their concepts, explored various plot structure models, and outlined their novels scene-by-scene. Not only will attendees then be empowered to take to the page, they’ll never fret answering that dreaded question again!

Enroll for this fall’s multi-week course with the UW Continuing Studies Department here! Space is limited, so sign up now.

In the future, I also plan to offer most of the classes seen on this page online as well. Sound like something you’d be interested in? Be sure to sign up for my newsletter to be among the first to know when enrollment opens.

Thanks to the staff of the UW’s Department of Continuing Studies in Writing for this opportunity, and thanks to those of you who created the demand for this course. I look forward to working with you in the fall and beyond.

Have questions about this course or just want to get in touch? You can reach out through my contact page.


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