Frequently Asked Questions

Are you and R.R. Campbell the same person?

Yes, we are.

Are you no longer using the R.R. Campbell pen name?

I intend to use the R.R. Campbell pen name for future speculative fiction publications.

Why did you choose to change your pen name to Ryan R. Campbell?

After a great deal of writerly soul-searching, I realized my work as R.R. Campbell doesn’t reflect who I am at my creative core.

In order to better embrace that core, I’ve elected to publish works that more closely reflect my tastes as a reader and writer under the name Ryan R. Campbell.

Who is your agent?

I am actively seeking representation.

Will you blurb my book?

Please note that I am extremely selective in the books I choose to blurb.

That said, if you feel I would be a good fit for your book, please submit your request through my contact page.

What happened to the Writescast Network?

It was my great privilege to run the Writescast Network from 2016 to 2020, and I’m grateful for the tens of thousands of you who tuned in over the years.

In order to focus more on my own writing, however, I elected to shut down the network in December 2020.

Will you work with me on my manuscript or query package?

I am no longer offering book coaching, developmental editing, or query package critiques.

Can I review one of your books for my blog or other platform?

You can request a copy to review through my contact page.

Can I interview you for my blog, podcast, or other media?

I’d be happy to receive your request for an interview through my contact page.

Will you speak at my conference, seminar, or other event?

I’d love to learn more about your conference, seminar, or event. Please direct your query to my contact page.

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