Danielle Maurer

Author Danielle Maurer talks Twitter contests, the importance of perseverance, how to develop good writing habits, and what to keep in mind when working with an editor.

Danielle is a fantasy and science fiction author setting out on an epic quest to entertain her readers. When she’s not hiding under her writing rock, you can find her marketing things at her day job, reading while she walks like a modern-day Belle, or singing loudly as she plays the piano.

For more from Danielle, you can follow her on Twitter at @WryRaconteur, or keep up with her blog at daniellemaurer.com.

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Episode Correction: The publication date for my short story, “Wool,” has been pushed back to July 28th, 2017. That is to say, it is not available on July 7th as mentioned in the podcast.

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Perseverance, Good Writing Habits, and Working with an Editor featuring Danielle Maurer - Writescast 011