Writing Your Novel

I may not be able to write your novel for you, but I can help you navigate the conventional wisdom writers often hear when beginning to put words on the page.

With a focus on strong, active writing—as well as readability for your audience—the Write With Me series covers topics ranging from dialogue to characterization, from point of view to scene structure. Every post explores a single topic, which makes it all the easier to focus on one matter at a time.

The Write With Me Series

Before hopping into these posts, I recommend checking out this one on the writing “formula,” as well as this one on the importance of caring for ourselves as people first, writers second. There’s also this post on why it’s really okay to say “no” once in a while—we don’t want to spread ourselves too thin. Oh, and then there’s this one about balancing the need to create a platform while also avoiding the social media blues. And double oh, there’s another post here on authenticity and following your bliss.

Once You’ve Finished Writing

Check back often, as there’s always more on the way. Or, if you’re not feeling ready to start writing, check out the Outline With Me series instead.

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